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Images captured at HAL facilities in Bangalore have revealed the Tapas UAV in Tipnis Grey undergoing production. This indigenous unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is receiving significant modifications to enhance its operational capabilities.

The key aspect of the Tapas UAV’s ongoing development is weight reduction and drag reduction. These measures are crucial for achieving the Indian armed forces’ requirement of operating the UAV at over 30,000 feet.

The leaked images depict an unfinished Tapas UAV on the production line. It remains unclear whether this specific model will incorporate the weight and drag reduction features necessary for high-altitude operations.

The Tapas UAV is envisioned as a multi-role platform capable of fulfilling diverse missions for the Indian military. Some of its potential applications include:

  • Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR): Equipped with advanced sensors, the Tapas UAV can gather crucial intelligence from high altitudes over long distances.
  • Border Patrol and Maritime Surveillance: Its endurance and operational range make it suitable for patrolling borders and monitoring maritime activity.
  • Communications Relay: The Tapas UAV can serve as a vital communication relay link, extending the reach of ground-based communication systems.