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The mighty Tejas light combat aircraft has been spotted sporting a new and potent weapon: the MBDA-developed ASRAAM Close Combat Missile (CCM). This marks a significant development in the jet’s arsenal, adding a third Within-Visual-Range (WVR) missile to its already impressive repertoire.

Earlier this week, MBDA officials confirmed that the integration of ASRAAM onto Tejas is progressing smoothly, with test flights expected soon. This integration will transform Tejas into a true triple threat in the WVR arena, joining the ranks of the Russian R-73 and Israeli Python-5 missiles.

A Lethal Trio for Aerial Supremacy:

  • R-73: This veteran Russian missile boasts exceptional agility and a high-explosive warhead, ideal for dogfights and close-quarter encounters.
  • Python-5: Renowned for its seeker technology and maneuverability, the Python-5 packs a potent punch against enemy aircraft.
  • ASRAAM: The newest addition, ASRAAM brings infrared homing and “lock-on-after-launch” capabilities, allowing pilots to engage targets without maintaining a tight radar lock.

This combination of missiles provides Tejas pilots with unparalleled flexibility and lethality in WVR combat. They can now choose the perfect weapon for any situation, from head-on clashes to surprise attacks.

The integration of ASRAAM isn’t just about enhancing Tejas’ offensive capabilities. It also signifies a crucial step towards India’s self-reliance in weapons development. The successful collaboration with MBDA paves the way for future indigenous WVR missile programs, reducing dependence on foreign imports.

With ASRAAM joining the fray, the Tejas is poised to dominate the WVR battlefield. Its pilots will have the confidence and firepower to tackle any aerial adversary, ensuring India’s air superiority for years to come. This is a testament to the relentless pursuit of innovation and strategic partnerships that drive India’s defense ambitions.

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