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The Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) is making significant progress in the development of the next-generation UAV Launched Precision Guided Missile (ULPGM) V3. This advanced missile system will enhance the Indian Armed Forces’ capabilities in precision strikes against various targets.

The ULPGM V3 is a significant upgrade over its predecessor, the ULPGM V2 which is also under development. V3 features a range of enhancements, including an improved transceiver electronics system that extends its communication range to 10 kilometres. This enhanced communication capability will enable more precise and effective targeting.

In a parallel effort, DRDO’s Terminal Ballistics Research Laboratory (TBRL) has developed three different warhead variants for the ULPGM V2:

  • Anti-Personnel warhead: A blast-cum-fragmenting warhead designed to inflict damage to soft targets using hardened steel balls as pre-formed fragments.
  • Roof Buster warhead: An EFP warhead designed to penetrate RCC roofs and damage soft targets inside structures.
  • Anti-armor/Anti-tank warhead: A conical-shaped charge warhead designed to defeat heavily armoured vehicles and main battle tanks in top attack mode.

DRDO already has ToT of the ULPGM to Adani defence that has a range of 4km, V3 that is under development and will have improved range. 

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