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Tejas Mark II will be going through air intake test certification in France in May-June this year at the revered S1MA facility that is operated by France’s aerospace research agency Onera.

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) are often used to test air intake design to collect data on AOA (angle of attack) and airflow at different speeds but such wind tunnel facilities are used to verify those data before aircraft production commences. S1MA facility is equipped with a Continuous-flow wind tunnel, for Atmospheric, Mach 0.05 to Mach 1 tests. has learned that each test campaign usually lasts some two to three weeks and per day cost ranges from Rs 800000 lacs per day for using such a facility. India at present doesn’t have such a facility since the Wind tunnel facility are expensive to build and sharing of technology is not allowed due to sovereignty issues of their respected Government.

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