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Officials from Rolls-Royce confirmed that it has already received an export license from the UK government for combat engine technology transfer to India for combat engine development with a unique co-creation model in which the Intellectual Property (IP) for this key technology will be developed and owned in India for the AMCA (Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft) programme.

American rival General Electric (GE) also has applied for an export license from the US administration that will pay the way for the co-development of a combat engine for India’s AMCA program and has received support from the US congressman for such programs with India but it is still waiting for clearance.

Rolls-Royce recently claimed that GE will never allow India to keep Intellectual Property (IP) for the engine that is offering to co-develop for India and will require GE and US administration clearance for export of this engine for other countries even if India secures orders for AMCA from another country.

General Electric (GE) propose to set up its engine subsidiary in the country with a supply chain made out of Private sector companies in the country so that engines Technically can be made entirely in the country but ToT and other Intellectual Property (IP) rights will remain with its local engine subsidiary.

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