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The Tejas MkII program has reached a pivotal stage as the Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) is gearing up to place orders for components and parts crucial to the development and testing of four Tejas Mk2 aircraft. This significant move follows ADA securing an impressive 80 per cent Transfer of Technology (ToT) for the F-414 engines, setting the stage for the program’s advancement.

ADA had already initiated orders for smaller components earlier this year. Now, the program’s focus is shifting towards larger components as the necessary funds have started flowing in. To expedite production, many private sector companies involved in manufacturing the fuselage for the Tejas Mk1A program have been enlisted. Detailed designs have been shared, and contracts for the initial manufacturing of wings, front, mid, and rear fuselage components for the Tejas MkII program are set to be executed soon.

With component deliveries in the pipeline, it is anticipated that it will take approximately eight more months before the fully developed Tejas Mk2 aircraft is ready for rollout. This phase marks a significant step forward in India’s quest for indigenous advanced fighter aircraft, further strengthening the country’s aerospace capabilities and self-reliance in defence manufacturing.

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