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In a significant move towards modernizing its fleet and embracing sustainable mobility, the Indian Army has issued a Request for Information (RFI) to procure approximately 423 electric motorcycles. These eco-friendly two-wheelers are slated to serve in the Peace Establishments and Units deployed in the plains and semi-hilly terrains across India.

The Ministry of Defence, under the Government of India, has set its sights on electric mobility, aligning with the nation’s larger commitment to reducing its carbon footprint. This endeavour not only represents a green shift but also a forward-looking approach to technological advancement in the realm of military transport.

The electric motorcycles to be procured by the Indian Army are not your typical civilian models. They are tailor-made for military purposes, each capable of transporting two soldiers. These electric steeds should be agile, robust, and versatile to navigate diverse terrains and withstand the climatic conditions prevalent in the country.

The specifications outlined for these electric motorcycles are quite detailed. Their unladen weight should not exceed 150 kilograms while not falling below 130 kilograms. Moreover, their overall dimensions and weight must allow for easy handling by a single person, ensuring the practicality and convenience of their use in military operations.

The motorcycles are expected to perform admirably across a broad temperature range, from a bone-chilling minus 50 degrees Celsius to a scorching 40 degrees Celsius. This adaptability is crucial for their effective deployment in India’s diverse climatic conditions.

Recognizing that electric vehicle technology is an ever-evolving field, the Indian Army is prepared to evolve along with it. As this marks the first procurement of electric motorcycles for military use, the General Staff Quality Requirements (GSQR) have been formulated with the understanding that they may require adjustments and enhancements based on feedback and insights gained post-induction and initial usage of the electric vehicles.

The Indian Army’s decision to integrate electric motorcycles into its fleet showcases a commitment to sustainability and a recognition of the strategic advantages of eco-friendly transport. These electric motorcycles are set to not only reduce the military’s environmental impact but also enhance its mobility and agility in the field.

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