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The Tejas MkII fighter jet, India’s next-generation light combat aircraft, boasts a significant upgrade in its radar capabilities. Tejas MkII fighter jet will be the first Indian-made fighter jet that will be equipped with an upgraded Uttam Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) Fire Control Radar (FCR). 

This new radar system, mounted on a rotating repositioner or swashplate, marks a pioneering development in India’s fighter jet program. Unlike the fixed AESA radar featured in the Tejas Mk1A, this innovation provides enhanced battlefield awareness and operational versatility. 

The rotating repositioner allows the Uttam AESA radar to move left or right, offering a 140-degree search volume within a 200-degree look-angle. This flexibility significantly enhances the pilot’s situational awareness, providing a broader view of the battlefield. The ability to cover a larger area without having to manoeuvre the aircraft translates to better detection and tracking of multiple targets, whether in the air, on land, or at sea.

The Uttam AESA radar’s capability for simultaneous scanning and tracking is a game-changer. It allows the Tejas MkII to detect and engage multiple targets at once, improving combat effectiveness. The high radiating power of the AESA radar ensures that targets are detected at greater distances and with higher accuracy, giving the Tejas MkII a distinct advantage in both offensive and defensive operations. 

The swashplate-mounted AESA radar provides the Tejas MkII with increased operational flexibility. Pilots can maintain a tactical advantage by keeping the radar pointed towards potential threats while performing evasive manoeuvres or engaging other targets. 

The introduction of a swashplate-mounted AESA radar in the Tejas MkII sets a new benchmark for India’s indigenous fighter jet program. It represents a significant leap in radar technology, positioning the IAF on par with some of the most advanced air forces in the world. 

The Tejas MkII’s upgraded radar system represents a significant leap forward for Indian airpower. The improved situational awareness, target tracking capabilities, and powerful detection offered by the Uttam AESA FCR will undoubtedly enhance the effectiveness of the Tejas MkII on the modern battlefield.

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