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A high-level Indian Air Force (IAF) delegation, led by Assistant Chief of the Air Staff (Intelligence) Air Vice-Marshal Ichettira Iyappa Kuttappa VM VSM, arrived in Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar, on May 13th for the 6th Myanmar Air Force-Indian Air Force Air Staff Talks.

This visit comes amidst a backdrop of increasing attacks on Myanmar airbases by resistance groups using drones. Notably, the strategically important Aye Lar airbase, which houses jet fighters, VIP transport planes, and other military aircraft, has been targeted twice in recent months.

The latest attack, employed “electric discharge-activated” shells, highlighting the evolving tactics of the resistance groups. Despite heavy fortifications, including signal jammers, the airbase remains vulnerable to drone strikes.

The success of these drone strikes resonates with a similar attack on an IAF base in Jammu last year.  In response, the IAF has implemented robust anti-drone technologies, including hardkill systems, to secure its airbases.

Sources indicate that the Myanmar Air Force is keen to learn from the IAF’s experience and potentially replicate its successful strategies, including the adoption of private sector technologies, to counter drone threats to its own airbases.

The Air Staff Talks provide a platform for both air forces to discuss these security concerns and explore potential areas of collaboration in combating drone warfare. This collaboration could prove crucial for Myanmar in securing its airbases and fortifying its defenses against the growing resistance movement.

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