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The Indian Air Force’s (IAF) potential order for 97 LCA Tejas Mk1A fighter jets by the end of FY25 has sparked questions about its impact on the future of the Tejas Mk2 variant.

Jayadeva EP, DGM at HAL, has addressed concerns about a potential conflict between the Mk1A and Mk2 programs. He emphasizes that the 97 Mk1A jets will be procured in the Mark 1A configuration, distinct from the more advanced Mk2 variant.

HAL maintains that the IAF has the operational scope to integrate both the Mk1A and Mk2 variants. The Mk2, belonging to a different weight category, caters to distinct operational needs compared to the Mk1A. This difference ensures they won’t cannibalize each other’s roles within the IAF’s fighter jet fleet.

The IAF’s potential acquisition of both Mk1A and Mk2 variants reflects a multi-pronged approach to fighter jet procurement. The Mk1A offers a reliable and cost-effective option for specific missions, while the Mk2, with its enhanced capabilities, caters to more demanding requirements. This diversification strengthens the IAF’s overall aerial combat capabilities.

The Tejas Mk2 boasts a more powerful engine, advanced avionics, and a higher payload capacity compared to the Mk1A. These advancements position it as a future-proof platform, capable of addressing evolving aerial threats for decades to come.

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