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In a significant move to bolster India’s defense capabilities, Indian Army Vice Chief Lt Gen Upendra Dwivedi visited the BrahMos Aerospace headquarters today. During his visit, Lt Gen Dwivedi received a detailed briefing on the company’s indigenization efforts from BrahMos Aerospace CEO Atul D Rane.

Atul D Rane highlighted the progress BrahMos Aerospace has made in developing indigenous components for the BrahMos missile system, a critical asset in India’s defense arsenal. The focus on indigenization aligns with the Indian government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative, aimed at reducing dependency on foreign technology and enhancing self-reliance in defense production.

During the briefing, Lt Gen Dwivedi emphasized the importance of further indigenization efforts by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO), the parent organization of BrahMos Aerospace. He urged DRDO to accelerate its initiatives to incorporate more indigenous technologies and components into the BrahMos missile system. This push for greater indigenization is expected to enhance the operational capabilities of the Indian armed forces and strengthen national security.

Lt Gen Dwivedi also stressed the need for capacity enhancement by Indian Defense Industries to achieve the desired production rate of BrahMos missiles. Increasing production capacity is crucial to meeting the growing demands of the Indian military and ensuring timely delivery of critical defense systems. By ramping up production, Indian Defense Industries can contribute significantly to the country’s strategic preparedness and defense readiness.