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The ADA-led team that is developing Engine Deck Based Fighter (TEDBF) for the Indian Navy might not have an internal weapons bay but will incorporate 3 underbelly weapon hardpoints that are already semi-recessed into the fuselage to reduce the protruding missile’s prominence.

Semi-recessed stores generally have lower RCSs than equivalent pylon-mounted stores and also offer reduced drag. At the Def expo, also confirmed that NASM-MR anti-ship missile (AShM) presently under development by the DRDO was seen on the center pylon of the aircraft.

ADA is seeking 14000 crores for developing TEDBF which will also include four prototypes that will be used as part of the developmental flight trials. ADA is also working on Frontal Radar Cross reduction measures to improve its RCS and semi-recessed under-fuselage bays will only improve it further.

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