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The Aeronautical Development Agency that is working on the Preliminary Design Review (PDR) of the Twin Engine Deck Based Fighter (TEDBF) will soon clear this crucial phase as the design continues to get more optimised and refined before it is cleared by the Ministry of Defence, while the scale model showcased at the Aero India 2023 was that of the familiar design that was displayed earlier but TEDBF image shown on the poster showed quite a change in the design.

The poster image of the TEDBF seen above still sport a Leading Edge Extension (LEX) along with Canards but the Diverterless Supersonic inlet (DSI) seems to be more optimized and angled Stealth optimised frontal Radome seems to have been changed and now features a blunt, rounded nose cone.

The above poster design also features an infrared search and track system (IRST) sensor that was not there in the TEDBF design showcased earlier but it is most likely that the poster image showcased is not the new design but rather an old design that has been now overtaken by the new design of which scale models were showcased.

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