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United States Air Force flew Two F-35A fighter jets to India which has fueled speculation on the intention of the US administration that always has been picky about who gets the offer of the F-35 fifth-generation fighter jet and many in India see this as an attempt by Washington to woo New Delhi away from its biggest military supplier and decades-old friend, Russia.

The question that has been going around for the last few days has been whether the US administration is keen to offer F-35 to India. has been told that no official discussion has happened between the two governments.

Officials familiar with some details told that ” Both are not keen to make the first move ” But if it ever did It has to pass through orders first for American fighter jets either through F-21, F-15EX or F-18 E/F that India is not so keen on over Dassault Rafale fighter jets on offer from France.

Major General Julian C. Cheater, the assistant deputy undersecretary for international affairs of the U.S. Air Force, said earlier this week that “the ideal forum to showcase the most advanced, capable, lethal and interoperable weapons systems the U.S. has to offer” was a seemingly soft and stealthy pitch for India’s interest.

Rear Admiral Michael L. Baker, the defence attache at the U.S. embassy in India, said New Delhi was in the “very early stages” of considering whether it wanted the plane.

IAF officials are clear that they see no role for a second 5th generation fighter jet in its fleet and they completely back India’s own AMCA fifth-generation fighter jet but IAF at some point in time wanted 5th Gen FGFA developed with Russia based on the Su-57E as its first 5th gen fighter jet as developing AMCA could require more time.

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