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Navantia, a prominent Spanish state-owned shipyard, has set its sights on supplying the Indian Navy with its latest offering – the Juan Carlos I class multi-purpose amphibious assault ship. This news comes as the Indian Navy seeks to bolster its fleet with Landing Platform Docks (LPDs).

Amparo Valcarce, Spain’s Secretary of State for Defence, confirmed that Spain is not just offering the Juan Carlos I class LDPs, but also proposing their construction within India through a technology transfer (ToT) agreement. This “Make in India” approach would involve building a 26,000-ton LDP at a selected Indian shipyard, fostering domestic shipbuilding capabilities.

Furthermore, Valcarce emphasized the flexibility of the Juan Carlos I design. These LDPs can be customized to meet the specific requirements of the Indian Navy, ensuring a perfect fit for their operational needs.

The Indian Navy’s quest for LDPs spans over a decade, with previous attempts unfortunately cancelled. These versatile vessels offer a multitude of functionalities, including:

  • Transporting troops, equipment, and supplies for military operations.
  • Delivering humanitarian aid and disaster relief during critical situations.

Navantia’s proposal presents a compelling opportunity for the Indian Navy. The prospect of acquiring modern LPDs, coupled with domestic technology transfer and potential customization, could significantly enhance India’s naval capabilities. With negotiations underway, this collaboration between Spain and India has the potential to be a significant milestone in regional maritime security.

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