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Solar Industries India Limited (SOLARINDS) has unveiled the Bhargavastra Weapons System, a revolutionary defense technology designed to combat Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and drones. This innovative system was showcased on the Bharat-Shakti defence portal Youtube video, highlighting its potential to safeguard Indian airspace.

Developers of the Bhargavastra system describe it as a comprehensive configuration encompassing various critical components:

  • Command & Control Center: The central hub for coordinating and directing the entire system’s operation.
  • Targets: These represent the individual UAV or drone threats detected by the system.
  • EOTS (Electro-Optical Tracking System): Likely responsible for visually tracking and acquiring drone targets.
  • Data Links: Facilitate communication between different elements of the Bhargavastra system.
  • Counter Measures: Electronic or physical methods employed to disrupt or disable targeted drones.
  • Launcher with Missiles: The launching platform for the micro-missiles that neutralize the drone threats.
  • RADAR: A crucial sensor for long-range detection and tracking of aerial targets.
  • C4I (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence): An integrated system for managing various aspects of the Bhargavastra’s operations.
  • Electro-Optical IR (EO/IR): Sensors that combine visual and infrared detection for effective target identification in diverse lighting conditions.
  • AI Layer: Incorporates artificial intelligence for enhanced threat detection, analysis, and targeting decisions.

Bhargavastra’s Impressive Specifications

  • Detection Range: Exceeds 5 kilometers, capable of identifying targets with a radar cross-section (RCS) as small as 0.01 square meters.
  • Rapid Response: The system boasts a “Detect to Intercept” time of less than 16 seconds, ensuring swift takedown of airborne threats.
  • Multi-Target Engagement: Bhargavastra can simultaneously detect, track, and engage up to 64 targets, making it highly effective against drone swarms.
  • Micro Missile Kill System: The system employs micro-missiles with lock-on-after-launch and homing capabilities. The ability to launch multiple missiles within a one-second interval further strengthens its defense against swarming drones.

The Bhargavastra Weapons System signifies a significant advancement in India’s air defense capabilities. This homegrown technology offers a powerful countermeasure against growing drone threats, safeguarding Indian airspace from potential aerial intrusions.

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