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Hyderabad-based startup called Eon Space Labs is making waves in the realm of space-defence technology. With a strong focus on innovation, this company is dedicated to developing earth observation Optical Payloads designed for use in satellites, UAVs, and drones. Their latest creation, a Made in India EO-IR (Electro-Optical Infrared) Payload, is setting new standards in remote sensing technology and surveillance.

One of the standout features of this EO-IR Payload is its ability to detect humans from a staggering distance of 1.5 kilometers using drones. This level of precision and range is a game-changer in the field of surveillance and remote sensing. Even more impressive is the fact that these results were achieved at a 78-degree angle from nadir, showcasing the remarkable capabilities of Eon Space Labs’ technology.

The EO-IR Payload developed by Eon Space Labs showcases the promising future of space-defence technology. As threats and challenges in the global landscape evolve, the ability to gather precise data and make informed decisions becomes increasingly crucial.

Earth observation has become a critical component of modern defense and security strategies. It allows for real-time monitoring and data collection across vast areas, offering valuable insights for a wide range of applications, from border security to disaster management.

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