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The Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) has unveiled its ambitious upgrade plan for 84 units of the Sukhoi-30MKI, transforming them into the formidable “Super Sukhoi” configuration. This comprehensive upgrade encompasses a range of cutting-edge components and systems that will significantly enhance the aircraft’s operational capabilities.

Here’s a closer look at the key components that will be integrated into the Super Sukhoi:

  1. Upgraded VORILS: The VHF Omni-directional Radio Range and Instrument Landing System receive enhancements to bolster navigation and landing precision, particularly in adverse conditions.
  2. Aviation Clock: Precision timekeeping is ensured through specialized aviation clocks, critical for mission coordination.
  3. GPS Splitter: The GPS splitter distributes accurate GPS signals to various systems, supporting precise positioning and navigation.
  4. Integrated Stand-by Instrument System: This system provides redundancy in the event of primary instrument failure, enhancing safety.
  5. Mission Computers: Advanced mission computers process and manage critical mission data, improving efficiency.
  6. Digital HUD: A Digital Heads-Up Display enhances data presentation and visual display.
  7. Modified ENGPS: Modifications to the Enhanced Navigation and Geospatial Information System aim to enhance navigation and target identification.
  8. Indigenous SSDVRS: An Indigenous Solid-State Digital Video Recording System records crucial flight data.
  9. Indigenous DMG: The Digital Moving Map Generator aids in improved situational awareness.
  10. Indigenous Weapon Systems: The integration of indigenous weapon systems enhances the aircraft’s combat capabilities.
  11. Indigenous IFF System: The Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) system is upgraded with indigenous technology for improved identification and communication.
  12. VACS: The Voice Activated Cockpit System streamlines communication within the cockpit.
  13. Uttam Aesa Radar: This advanced radar system enhances detection and targeting capabilities.
  14. Helmet Mounted Display System (HMDS): The HMDS enhances pilot situational awareness by projecting critical data onto the helmet visor.
  15. Upgraded Radio Altimeter: Improved radar altimeters enhance safety during low-altitude flight.
  16. Bigger Size MFDs (Touch-Based): Larger Multi-Function Displays with touch-based interfaces improve data access and control.
  17. Voice-Activated Inputs: Voice-activated controls streamline cockpit operations.
  18. Advanced Weapon Central Systems: This system manages various weaponry and targeting systems, boosting the aircraft’s combat capabilities.
  19. Enhanced EW Suite: The Electronic Warfare Suite is upgraded to detect, counter, and respond to electronic threats.
  20. Indigenous BHC: The Built-in Health Check system monitors system health and aids in maintenance.
  21. Software Defined Radio: Defined radio technology enables secure communication with ground control and other aircraft.
  22. Enhanced FOR: Improvements to the Forward Observer Radar enhance target acquisition and tracking capabilities.
  23. Blanking Unit: Enhances data transfer during banking manoeuvres.
  24. New Laser Designator Pod (LDP): The Laser Designator Pod is a critical component for laser-guided munitions.
  25. Flight Data Transfer Unit: Facilitates secure and efficient flight data transfer and management.
  26. IRST (Infrared Search and Track): IRST enhances target detection through infrared technology.
  27. Advanced Tacan: The Tactical Air Navigation System is upgraded for precise navigation.

This extensive upgrade not only reinforces the Sukhoi-30MKI’s status as a formidable combat aircraft but also equips it for the evolving challenges and mission requirements. The “Super Sukhoi” promises to be a valuable asset for the Indian Air Force, with improved navigation, communication, and combat capabilities.

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