Nine trainee pilots from the Southern Naval Command (SNC) have successfully completed their rigorous training and graduated as operational Maritime Reconnaissance (MR) pilots at INS Garuda. This momentous occasion marks the culmination of the 34th Dornier Operational Flying Training Course, adding a new batch of skilled aviators to the Indian Navy’s fleet.

The passing-out ceremony, held at INS Garuda, was presided over by Commodore Sritanu Guru, Cmde(Trg) SNC. In a proud moment for the graduates, Commodore Guru presented them with their awards, officially recognizing them as fully qualified Dornier pilots.

The Dornier aircraft, known for its versatility and maneuverability, is a crucial asset for the Indian Navy’s maritime reconnaissance and patrol operations. These newly-minted MR pilots have undergone intensive training in various aspects of flying, including:

  • Navigation: Mastering the art of navigating vast stretches of ocean with precision and efficiency.
  • Sensor Operation: Utilizing advanced onboard sensors to detect and track surface and subsurface threats.
  • Tactical Maneuvering: Honing their skills to execute precise maneuvers in challenging maritime environments.
  • Communication and Teamwork: Working effectively as part of a crew to gather critical intelligence and perform search and rescue missions.

The addition of these nine pilots strengthens the Indian Navy’s capabilities in maritime surveillance and patrol. Their expertise will be instrumental in safeguarding India’s vast maritime interests, ensuring the safety and security of its coastline and territorial waters.