The Andaman & Nicobar Command (ANC) has taken a significant step towards strengthening the security of Port Blair with the inauguration of the Integrated Underwater Harbour Defence and Surveillance System (IUHDSS) by Admiral R Hari Kumar, Chief of the Naval Staff (CNS). This advanced system marks a major boost to the harbor’s defense capabilities, enhancing its ability to detect and identify both underwater and surface threats.

IUHDSS is a state-of-the-art, multi-sensor system that utilizes a network of radars, sonar equipment, and electro-optical sensors to create a comprehensive picture of the maritime environment surrounding Port Blair. This allows the Indian Navy to:

  • Detect and track underwater threats: The system can identify submarines, swimmer delivery vehicles, and other underwater threats at a safe distance, providing ample time for response.
  • Monitor surface activity: IUHDSS can track and identify surface vessels, ensuring the security of the harbor from potential attacks or unauthorized intrusions.
  • Improve situational awareness: By integrating data from various sensors, the system provides a real-time picture of the harbor environment, enabling commanders to make informed decisions quickly and effectively.

The deployment of the IUHDSS offers several advantages:

  • Improved threat detection: The system’s comprehensive underwater and surface surveillance capabilities significantly enhance early detection of potential threats, allowing for timely response and risk mitigation.
  • Heightened situational awareness: Real-time data from the IUHDSS empowers decision-makers with a clear picture of the surrounding maritime environment, facilitating informed strategic choices.
  • Strengthened harbor defense: The system significantly bolsters the security of Port Blair, a vital strategic asset in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, safeguarding critical infrastructure and personnel.

The inauguration of the IUHDSS aligns with India’s growing focus on maritime security in the Indo-Pacific region. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands occupy a crucial geographical position, serving as a key strategic outpost in the region. Strengthening their defense capabilities plays a vital role in ensuring regional stability and safeguarding India’s maritime interests.