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Solar Industries India Limited’s (SII) subsidiary, Economic Explosives Limited (EEL), has secured a contract to supply 30,000 units of the Multi-Mode Hand Grenade (MMHG) to the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) for ?13.983 crore. EEL’s bid of ?4,661 per grenade proved more competitive than Munitions India Limited’s (MIL) offer of ?15.547 crore.

Developed by the Terminal Ballistics Research Laboratory (TBRL), the MMHG is a versatile grenade designed for both offensive and defensive use. A unique feature is the ability to easily switch between modes by removing or attaching a fragmenting sleeve before throwing.

The MMHG comprises two key modules: a fuse and a main body. This design allows for easy priming and un-priming without compromising effectiveness.

This win comes on the heels of a previous contract awarded to EEL by the Ministry of Defence in October 2020. That contract entailed supplying 1 million modern hand grenades to the Indian Army and Air Force, with deliveries spread over two years following the granting of bulk production clearance in March 2021.

EEL’s success in these procurements highlights their position as a leading manufacturer of advanced military equipment in India.

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