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Gurgaon-based Pareto Tree Private Limited, winner of the prestigious SPRINT Challenge, has unveiled the HERO Search V1 – a revolutionary Personal Alert Safety System (PASS) device designed to safeguard the lives of firefighters, search & rescue teams, damage control teams, and isolated defense personnel. This innovative tool promises to be a game-changer in emergency response, offering critical features that can mean the difference between life and death in dangerous situations.

HERO Search V1 boasts cutting-edge continuous motion sensing technology. No movement goes unnoticed, allowing rescuers to swiftly locate missing or incapacitated individuals even in the most chaotic situations. Gone are the days of agonizing uncertainty; HERO Search V1 provides a vital lifeline in the face of danger.

The device features an intelligent pre-alarm system that alerts both the wearer and nearby rescuers to potential danger before it escalates. And if the situation becomes critical, a powerful 92dBA full alarm cuts through the noise, ensuring no HERO goes unheard.

HERO Search V1 isn’t just about sound; it’s about visibility too. Bright red lights blink once every second, creating a visual beacon that guides rescuers directly to the wearer’s location, even in smoke-filled environments or pitch darkness.

When lives are at stake, every second counts. That’s why HERO Search V1 boasts a rechargeable battery with a 16-day runtime on a single charge. This ensures reliable performance throughout extended operations, eliminating the fear of running out of power at the most crucial moment.

HERO Search V1 doesn’t compromise on comfort or ease of use. Its compact and lightweight design (90mm x 70mm x 50mm, 200 grams) allows for effortless integration into any gear, without hindering movement or adding unnecessary burden.

HERO Search V1 is more than just a device; it’s a symbol of hope and innovation. It represents the unwavering commitment of Pareto Tree Private Limited to keeping our heroes safe and ensuring their swift return home. With its advanced technology and user-centric design, HERO Search V1 has the potential to revolutionize emergency response and save countless lives.

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