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In a significant development, Colonel Vikram, Vice President of Solar Group Economic Explosives Limited, has confirmed the successful development of a cutting-edge 125 kg pre-fragmented bomb tailored for the Indian Air Force (IAF). 

This munition, crafted according to NATO specifications, marks a notable advancement in the military capabilities of the Indian armed forces.

key Features:

  1. Specifications and Dimensions: The 125 kg bomb boasts a length of 2.2 meters and a weight of 125 kg, with 40 kg of explosive material. These specifications are meticulously designed to ensure optimal performance and effectiveness in various operational scenarios.
  2. Intended Targets: The primary purpose of this munition is to be employed against a range of targets, including industries, fortifications, and light-armoured vehicles. This versatility underscores the bomb’s adaptability in diverse combat situations.
  3. Compatibility and Adaptability: One of the paramount considerations in the development process was ensuring compatibility with both existing and future aircraft in the Indian Air Force’s fleet. The bomb is designed to be adaptable to the current aircraft as well as any futuristic platforms that the IAF might employ.
  4. Tail Unit Options: To enhance operational flexibility, the 125 kg bomb is equipped with both Retarded Tail Unit (RTU) and Non-Retarded Tail Unit (NTU) options. This feature allows for precise tailoring of the bomb’s deployment based on the specific requirements of a mission.
  5. Compatibility with Existing Infrastructure: Solar Group Economic Explosives Limited has taken into account the existing infrastructure of the Indian Air Force. The bomb is designed to be compatible with the Bomb Racks already in use by the IAF, streamlining the integration process into the Air Force’s operational setup.
  6. Anticipated Orders and Future Prospects: With the successful completion of the development phase, the company is optimistic about receiving orders from the Indian Air Force in the coming year. This not only highlights the confidence in the bomb’s capabilities but also emphasizes its potential to become a crucial asset in the IAF’s arsenal.
  7. Extended Shelf Life: The 125 kg bomb is engineered with a shelf life exceeding 30 years. This ensures that the munition remains reliable and effective over an extended period, contributing to long-term strategic planning and readiness.

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