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Indian private space company Skyroot Aerospace has achieved a critical milestone in its journey towards its first orbital launch. The company successfully completed the proof pressure test of the Vikram-1 launch vehicle’s Stage-1 hardware, aptly named Kalam-1200.

This 10-meter-long stage, constructed from high-strength carbon fiber, plays a vital role in propelling Vikram-1 during the initial phase of its flight. Kalam-1200 is designed to deliver a powerful thrust of 1200 kN, enabling the rocket to overcome Earth’s gravity and ascend into the less dense atmosphere.

The successful completion of this test signifies a major step forward for Skyroot. It demonstrates the company’s engineering prowess and validates the design and manufacturing processes of the Vikram-1 rocket.

This achievement paves the way for further development and testing of the remaining stages of Vikram-1. With this successful test under their belt, Skyroot inches closer to its maiden launch, a significant moment not just for the company but for the burgeoning Indian private space industry.