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The Indian government is poised to equip the Indian Army with a significant boost in firepower. A critical cabinet committee meeting in August is expected to approve the purchase of 100 additional K9 Vajra tracked, self-propelled howitzers.

This repeat order follows the successful delivery of the first 100 K9 Vajras by Larsen & Toubro (L&T) in 2022. These howitzers, built using technology transferred from South Korean defense major Hanwha Defense, were originally intended for desert deployment. However, their adaptability was proven during the 2020 standoff with Chinese troops in eastern Ladakh. To ensure optimal performance in the harsh mountain environment, the Army procured winterization kits for the deployed K9s. These kits, consisting of nine essential items, safeguard batteries, oils, and lubricants from extreme cold (down to -20°C) and prevent freezing.

The upcoming acquisition adheres to Indian defense procurement regulations, which restrict repeat orders to quantities not exceeding the original purchase. The new howitzers are anticipated to be delivered progressively, with all units reaching the Army by 2028. This significant addition will bolster India’s artillery capabilities and provide a strategic advantage in safeguarding its borders.

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