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Skyroot Aerospace, the Indian private space company, has achieved another critical milestone towards the first orbital launch of their Vikram-1 rocket. The successful test firing of the rocket’s second stage, named Kalam-250, brings them a step closer to making history.

The test, conducted at ISRO’s propulsion test facility in Sriharikota, India, saw the Kalam-250 engine ignite and operate within expected parameters. The flex nozzle control system, crucial for steering the rocket during flight, also functioned successfully.

Skyroot engineers collected valuable data across 198 channels during the test, providing them with a comprehensive picture of the engine’s performance. This data will be analyzed to ensure the Kalam-250 functions flawlessly during the actual launch.

Skyroot aptly uses the phrase “Summer starts for @SkyrootA with the heat of the Stage-2 hot firing.” This successful test marks the beginning of a busy summer for the company as they gear up for the much-anticipated Vikram-1 launch.

The test firing was a momentous occasion for the Skyroot team, with some members witnessing it live at Sriharikota. This experience undoubtedly boosted team morale and solidified their commitment to the mission.

With a thrust of 235 kN in vacuum, the Kalam-250 becomes the largest propulsion system ever built and tested in the Indian private space sector. This achievement signifies a significant milestone for the burgeoning Indian space industry.

Skyroot expressed their gratitude to ISRO for providing access to their facilities and IN-SPACe, the Indian government nodal agency for promoting private space ventures, for enabling this crucial test.

The successful Kalam-250 test firing signifies a major step forward for Skyroot. With crucial data obtained and the team motivated, the Vikram-1 launch seems to be on track for a successful summer liftoff, potentially revolutionizing the Indian space landscape.

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