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AvGarde Systems, a rising startup based in Assam, has emerged victorious in the Dream 4.0 contest. The challenge focused on innovative solutions to countermeasure threats posed by single drones and drone swarms. AvGarde’s win highlights India’s growing prowess in indigenous defense technology development.

The winning solution, titled “DroneSafe,” is an AI-powered counter-unmanned aerial system (C-UAS). DroneSafe tackles the challenge of aerial threats posed by drones, UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), and other airborne objects. Its functionalities include:

  • Detection: DroneSafe employs advanced AI algorithms to effectively identify and locate drones and UAVs in its vicinity.
  • Classification: The system goes beyond mere detection, classifying the nature of the aerial object to determine its potential threat level.
  • Mitigation: Once a threat is identified, DroneSafe can initiate countermeasures to neutralize the drone or UAV.
  • Reporting: The system provides comprehensive reports on detected aerial threats, aiding security personnel in informed decision-making.

AvGarde Systems also impressed with two additional innovative solutions:

  • DIWAR: This all-band GPS jammer disrupts the navigation systems of drones, effectively inhibiting their flight and preventing them from reaching their targets.
  • BirdsEye: This intelligent Bird Detection and Monitoring Radar (BDMR) serves a dual purpose. It enhances aviation safety by providing early warnings of bird activity in the vicinity of airports, preventing bird-aircraft strike hazards (BASH). Additionally, BirdsEye can be employed to detect and track drone threats.

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