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SatSure Analytics India Private Limited, a Bengaluru-based intelligence company, announced a successful test of a high-resolution optical Earth observation (EO) payload developed by its subsidiary, KaleidEO Space Systems. This achievement marks a significant milestone for the Indian private space sector.

KaleidEO’s team designed and built the high-resolution optical payload entirely in-house. This accomplishment makes KaleidEO one of the first private Indian companies to achieve this feat.

The prototype payload underwent successful aerial testing over the U.K. and Austria in collaboration with the Global Assistant & Logistic Group. This testing validated the payload’s functionality and stability in a real-world setting.

With this development, SatSure and KaleidEO together form a rare “full-stack” Earth observation company, offering a comprehensive range of services from data acquisition to analysis. KaleidEO is on track to develop a full-fledged commercial version of the payload, ready for integration into its satellite constellation.

This state-of-the-art payload will be deployed on a fleet of four satellites orbiting at a very low Earth orbit (VLEO) of approximately 380 kilometers.

This achievement signifies a major leap forward for India’s private space industry and positions SatSure and KaleidEO as key players in the global Earth observation market. The upcoming satellite constellation equipped with this advanced payload holds immense potential to revolutionize Earth observation capabilities.

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