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Ordnance Factory, Ambajhari has achieved a significant milestone with the successful fielding of trials for their new 155mm HE Bourrelet Shells. These shells, developed in collaboration with ARDE (Armament Research and Development Establishment), were tested at Proof and Experimental Establishment (PXE) in Balasore, India.

The trials were conducted using the 155×52 calibre ATAGS (Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System) howitzer. The results were highly encouraging, with the shells achieving a firing range of 34 kilometers and demonstrating exceptional accuracy.

A bourrelet is a crucial component of an elongated artillery projectile. It works in conjunction with the projectile’s driving band, also known as the rotating band. This component plays a vital role in stabilizing the launch of the projectile by ensuring that the front section remains precisely aligned with the gun barrel during firing. This precise alignment is essential for achieving optimal accuracy and range.

The successful trials of the 155mm HE Bourrelet Shells represent a significant advancement in India’s indigenous artillery capabilities. These shells, with their extended range and improved accuracy, will provide the Indian Armed Forces with a distinct advantage on the battlefield.

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