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Sagar Defence Engineering has taken the wraps off its latest innovation – the Bali USV (Unmanned Surface Vehicle). This USV boasts impressive capabilities, making it a strong contender in the maritime domain.

The Bali USV is designed for speed, reaching over 25 knots and offering an operational endurance of 8-10 hours. This combination allows for swift response and extended missions at sea. The USV is equipped with a radar system, providing operators with real-time information about its surroundings. Object tracking capability further enhances its ability to monitor and identify targets of interest.

Operators can control the Bali USV in a variety of ways, including remote control, waypoint navigation for pre-programmed routes, mission-based control for complex tasks, and a homing mode for safe return. The Bali USV possesses swarm capability, hinting at the possibility of coordinated operations with multiple USVs. This could significantly enhance mission effectiveness in various scenarios.

While the official range hasn’t been disclosed, considering the stated speed and endurance, a realistic maximum one-way range is likely around a few hundred kilometers. While not explicitly confirmed, some experts speculate that the Bali USV might be envisioned for kamikaze missions due to its features – intelligent object tracking, homing mode, and swarm capability.

The unveiling of the Bali USV marks a significant development in India’s unmanned maritime vehicle sector. Its versatility and advanced features make it a valuable asset for a variety of missions, from surveillance and patrol to potential tactical applications.

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