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Officials from Bharat-Forge have indicated that a potential order for 307 Advanced Towed Artillery Gun Systems (ATAGS) might materialize after the upcoming Indian elections. However, uncertainty surrounds the specific variant chosen by the Indian Army for production.

ATAGS, a collaborative effort between Tata Defence and Bharat-Forge, aims to replace aging artillery guns in the Indian Army’s inventory. While both companies have developed two distinct variants of the ATAGS, the Indian Army has yet to announce its selection for mass production.

Despite the current wait, Bharat-Forge officials remain optimistic. They anticipate a potential order for 307 units post-election, subject to the new government’s approval. This order would significantly boost domestic artillery production and modernize the Indian Army’s firepower.

Both variants of the ATAGS showcase advancements in Indian defense technology. Developed and manufactured locally by Tata Defence and Bharat-Forge, these guns represent a significant step towards self-reliance in critical weaponry.

The Indian Army’s decision on the ATAGS variant and the subsequent order will be a crucial milestone in this project. With the elections on the horizon, the wait for this news continues. The chosen variant is poised to play a vital role in strengthening India’s artillery capabilities for the foreseeable future.

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