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Pune-based Sagar Defence Engineering has secured an order for its Spotter drone from Indian Navy that the company claims will be delivered by October 2023. In 2021, Sagar Defence supplied 30 units of its Spotter drone that were inducted in 2022. Impressed with the performance Navy placed orders for 60 more units of Spotter drones.

Spotter Drone is used to detect threats and share crucial information in real-time to immobilize the threats. Spotter Drone is the first ship-based Tactical spotting multi-copter drone that has a flight time of 120 minutes on a single flight in a rough sea environment with an endurance of up to 20 km with a payload carrying capacity of 3 kg with the platform attaining speeds up to 45 mph.

Spotter Drone can operate without the hassle and has a proven ability to withstand high crosswinds and rough sea environments. Spotter Drone is equipped with an electro-optic camera and thermal imager camera to scan any region of Interest for target detection and intervention as per the user.

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