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Indian Navy while it is pushing hard to make another Vikrant Class Aircraft carrier at an estimated cost of ?23,000 crores (US$2.9 billion) but also has plans to develop a super aircraft carrier that will have 21,000-tons more displacement than the Vikrant Class Aircraft carrier in near future.

Vikrant Class Aircraft carrier has a displacement of just over 44,000 tons, Super Aircraft Carrier under consideration with have a displacement of over 65,000 tons and as per Navy estimate will cost over $5 billion considering it will feature more advancement due to CATOBAR configuration.

Super Aircraft Carrier will be equipped with the latest generation of electromagnetic catapults (EMALS) and arresting strands (AAG) that will provide the Indian Navy with the latest technology for catapulting and landing aircraft from HALE Class UAVs to 26-ton aircraft like TEDBF when ready. has been told that next-generation EMALS and AAG will be the most expensive equipment on the proposed Super Aircraft Carrier that will cost just over the $1Billion mark. Super Aircraft Carrier will replace Russian-origin INS Vikramaditya when it will be due for retirement in 2038 upon completion of 25 years of service with the Indian Navy.

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