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A member of the UK’s Royal Navy crew stationed in Chennai for maintenance work caused a public disturbance outside a mall in Royapettah on Sunday. The sailor, identified as J.L. Willis, reportedly became intoxicated and unruly.

According to reports, Willis, along with 24 other crew members, visited the Royapettah mall on Sunday afternoon. However, Willis allegedly became inebriated and created a commotion outside the mall. A video circulating on social media shows him lunging at a biker and attempting to bite him. Thankfully, police officers present at the scene intervened swiftly and separated the two.

The police questioned Willis, and shortly after, his fellow sailors arrived. Local authorities then reportedly allowed Willis to leave with his colleagues, opting not to press charges.

Despite the lack of legal consequences in Chennai, Willis’ actions could have repercussions within the Royal Navy. Military personnel are subject to disciplinary action for conduct unbecoming of an officer, and this incident is likely to be investigated by his superiors.