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A debate program aired on Armenian Public TV in late April 2023 sparked discussions regarding potential obstacles hindering the delivery of Indian weaponry to Armenia. Former parliamentarian Gayane Abrahamyan alleged that Russia might be pressuring Iran to block the shipment. This claim, echoed by other sources, raises concerns about the regional dynamics impacting Armenian military modernization efforts.

While Abrahamyan’s claim has been echoed by other sources, it remains unsubstantiated. When questioned in February 2024, Iran’s ambassador to Armenia, Mehdi Sobhani, avoided direct comment. He emphasized Iran’s support for a stronger Armenia and the importance of regional power balance for peace. This implies a willingness to potentially assist Armenia’s military development, but avoids addressing the specific issue of the Indian shipment.

Analyst Tatul Hakobyan further muddies the waters by claiming a Russian company initially agreed to deliver Pinaka launchers (potentially part of the Indian shipment) but later backed out. Iran then supposedly stepped in.

Despite these complexities, India seems committed to fulfilling its arms deal with Armenia. Shipments of ordered weapons reportedly continue.