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Armenia’s military is undergoing a modernization effort, specifically in its artillery sector. This follows potential losses of hundreds of guns during the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh War. Two indigenously-developed Indian howitzers, the Advanced Towed Artillery Gun System (ATAGS) and the Multi-terrain Artillery Gun (MArG) 155mm / 39 cal – BR, are poised to partially replace Armenia’s aging Soviet-era arsenal.

The Armenian military has traditionally relied on Soviet and Russian-made towed D-20 and D-30 howitzers, alongside self-propelled Akatsiya and Gvozdika variants. Estimates suggest Armenia may have lost a significant portion of these guns, potentially as many as 279, during the 2020 conflict. The ATAGS, designed to replace the Swedish FH77B howitzers previously in Indian service, offers a modern towed solution.

The MArG presents a unique capability for Armenia. Mounted on a 4×4 wheeled chassis, the MArG boasts exceptional maneuverability, crucial for navigating Armenia’s mountainous terrain. This advantage is absent in traditional towed artillery.

While Indian Army has Plans to place a substantial order for 307 ATAGS units, Armenia currently stands as the sole announced customer for the ATAGS. In 2023, Armenia reportedly signed agreements for 72 MArG units alongside 84 ATAGS, signifying a significant investment in modernizing its artillery capabilities.

The introduction of the ATAGS and MArG represents a major step for Armenia’s military modernization. These Indian-developed systems offer enhanced firepower, mobility, and potentially improved fire control compared to Armenia’s legacy artillery. As these guns enter service, Armenia’s artillery capabilities will likely see a significant boost.