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Russia has extended an offer to India for its RITM-200 series Small Modular Reactor (SMR) technology, potentially providing a clean and efficient energy source for the nation’s growing needs. This offer presents an interesting crossroads for India’s energy roadmap, raising questions of feasibility, safety, and geopolitical implications.

The RITM-200 is a PWR-based SMR, capable of generating up to 350 MW of electricity. Its compact size and modular design allow for faster construction and deployment compared to traditional large-scale nuclear power plants. Additionally, Russia emphasizes the proven track record of this technology, citing its successful application in powering their new generation of nuclear icebreakers.

India faces a significant challenge in meeting its ever-increasing energy demands while simultaneously transitioning towards cleaner sources. Nuclear power currently contributes only about 3% of the country’s energy mix, with ambitious plans to expand this share considerably. SMRs, like the RITM-200, could potentially play a role in achieving this goal, offering flexibility and scalability alongside potentially lower costs.

India’s decision regarding the RITM-200 offer will require a comprehensive evaluation of its technical, economic, and geopolitical aspects. Carefully weighing the potential benefits against any associated risks will be crucial in determining whether this SMR technology aligns with India’s strategic energy goals and national security interests.

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