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The Indian Army is gearing up for battle, not with new tanks, but with a significant power boost for its existing fleet of T-72s. A proposed 2300 crore (US$2.8 billion) plan will see nearly 1000 of these workhorses receive a 1000-hp engine upgrade, replacing their current 780-hp models.

The heart of the upgrade is the new engine, developed indigenously by retaining core components but swapping out peripheral systems like cooling and intake. This cost-effective approach retains reliability while adding vital muscle. Extensive testing ensures the upgrade is battle-ready.

India doesn’t just buy, it builds. Nearly 800 of the new engines will be manufactured locally, boosting the country’s defense production capabilities and creating jobs. This aligns with India’s “Make in India” initiative, promoting self-reliance.

The upgrade goes beyond horsepower. T-72s will get thermal sights for improved night vision, fire detection and suppression systems for enhanced survivability, and other crucial improvements.

The Indian Army’s other frontline tank, the T-90S, isn’t left behind. These advanced tanks will receive sophisticated equipment like automatic target trackers, digital ballistic computers, and commander thermal imagers, sharpening their targeting and situational awareness.

The T-72 and T-90S upgrades showcase India’s commitment to modernizing its armored forces. By combining indigenous development with targeted imports, the Army aims to maintain a potent deterrent against potential threats. This program stands as a testament to India’s ambition to be a self-reliant military power.

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