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Russia has indicated its intention to hold another meeting in the “2+2” format, involving the foreign and defense ministers of both nations, following a successful initial meeting in December 2021. This renewed interest highlights Russia’s desire to strengthen its strategic dialogue with India on key regional and international issues.

In an interview with a Russian news agency, Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Rudenko announced the possibility of a new “2+2” meeting in the near future. This follows the positive assessment of the inaugural “2+2” dialogue in December 2021, held in New Delhi. During that meeting, a “Military Technical Cooperation Program” agreement for 2021-2031 was signed, further solidifying the bilateral partnership.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov previously expressed confidence in the “2+2” format as an effective platform for discussing a broad range of regional and international topics. This suggests a willingness from both sides to engage in open and constructive dialogue on issues of mutual concern.

A successful “2+2” meeting would further solidify the strategic partnership between Russia and India, particularly in the face of a changing global landscape. It would provide a platform for addressing shared security concerns, exploring new areas of cooperation, and promoting regional stability.