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Russian Administration at the highest level is considering clearing, India’s request for the hypersonic cruise missile technologies that will be required to develop BrahMos-2K. India and Russia had announced plans to develop a hypersonic cruise missile of the BrahMos-2K almost a decade back but later Russia was hesitant.

Russia was not keen on the BrahMos-2K programme later with India due to a West-backed Hypersonic Missile Nonproliferation proposal that wanted to limit the sale and transfer of technology of the Hypersonic missile, which included hypersonic glide vehicles and hypersonic cruise missiles.

But due to the ongoing war with Ukraine and West-backed Economic sanctions on Russian military hardware sales, India has reinitiated talks with Russia for the sale of technology of the Tsirkon Hypersonic missile that will have the same performance characteristics as BrahMos-2K.

BrahMos Aerospace Corporation at Aero India had confirmed that BrahMos-2K for all three services in different versions can be ready in 8 years from the date of sanction of the program.

India’s State-owned DRDO last month also tested Hypersonic Technology Demonstration Vehicle or HSTDV, a Hypersonic missile tech where it achieved a new benchmark for a 23-second flight at Mach 6 but DRDO is keen on developing a long-intercontinental ranged hypersonic glide vehicle first from 2025-26 onwards.

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