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India’s plans to develop a 110kN thrust class engine for the AMCA Mk2 programme will necessitate the development of an engine that can accommodate future planned upgrades to the aircraft and future variants while maintaining its power and thermal management system (PTMS) without reducing the engine’s life expectancy and increasing overhaul maintenance costs or decreasing MTTF (mean time to failure). has been told by informed sources that in the latest round of discussions, DRDO’s GTRE and IAF are specific that the new engine should have a Dry thrust of 75kN that will give Maximum thrust with an afterburner at around 110kN initially and later it should be able to accommodate another 10kN to around 120kN without requiring any Engine Core Upgrade (ECU).

GTRE specifically wants Intellectual Property Rights to stay in India so that when ECU is required for the future variant it doesn’t need to engage with the OEM that will be selected for the program. IAF is also keen that an upgraded engine is also used in the follow-on program of future 6th gen fighter jet programs which is why both GTRE and IAF are keen on having to develop an engine from scratch and then be based on an existing engine.

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