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Rolls-Royce, the engine manufacturer for the Indian Air Force’s (IAF) Jaguar fighter jets, has acknowledged that the decision on the future of these aircraft rests with the IAF. The company has expressed its commitment to supporting the IAF’s choice, regardless of whether it involves continued operation or eventual retirement of the Jaguar fleet.

The IAF holds the unique distinction of being the world’s only remaining air force to operate Jaguar fighter jets. These aircraft are powered by the Rolls-Royce Turbomeca Adour Mk.102 afterburning turbofan engines.

The IAF has a two-pronged approach for its Jaguar fleet. The upgraded DARIN III variant is projected to remain operational until 2035. However, the older DARIN I and II variants are scheduled for retirement starting from 2027-28 onwards.

While Rolls-Royce awaits the IAF’s final decision, it is evident that the Jaguar fleet is nearing the end of its operational life. The IAF is likely looking to newer platforms to replace these aging jets. This decision will have a significant impact on future defense procurement and strategic partnerships.

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