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The Indian Air Force (IAF) is actively seeking the expertise of Indian private sector companies to undertake substantial repairs on two of its IL-76 aircraft, which have sustained significant damage to their undercarriage and associated airframe structure. These aircraft are currently grounded at the Chandigarh airbase, and the IAF is looking for an industrial partner to carry out the necessary repairs on-site.

The two IL-76 aircraft, essential for the IAF’s transport and logistics capabilities, have been rendered non-operational due to heavy damage. This situation has been exacerbated by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, which has disrupted the supply chain and repair services from Russia, the original equipment manufacturer of the IL-76 aircraft.

While the majority of the repair work is expected to be conducted on-site at the Chandigarh airbase, the IAF has stated that the industrial partner will be permitted to transport affected components off-site if necessary. This flexibility aims to facilitate comprehensive repairs that may require specialized facilities or equipment not available at the airbase.

In response to these challenges, the IAF is seeking to collaborate with Indian private sector companies. The chosen partner will be responsible for:

  • Assessment of Damage: Conducting a thorough assessment of the damage to the undercarriage and airframe structure.
  • Repair Proposal: Developing a detailed work process for the necessary repairs.
  • Ratification and Certification: Ensuring the proposed repair work is ratified by relevant Indian authorities, including the Centre for Military Airworthiness and Certification (CEMILAC).

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