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Bangalore-based Genser Aerospace Private Limited that had showcased a full-scale model of its RAJAS–Rakshan in 2021, a Business jet that can be configured to be used as a defence aircraft is setting up an aircraft manufacturing plant at the Kanpur node of UP Defence Industrial Corridor (UPDIC) by 2024.

Genser officials said that RAJAS–Rakshan is under development in collaboration with the Aerospace Foundation Of India (Aerofi) for over 5 years and the aircraft can accommodate 2 crew with 7 passengers. RAJAS–Rakshan will have an All-up-weight of 5-tones that will be powered by a twin-turbofan engine that can cruise at 0.7 Mach and has a range of 4000km.

The company claims RAJAS–Rakshan can be used as Light-Weight Special Cargo aircraft, VIP Movement, Aerial Photography (Reconnaissance mission), Maritime / Overland Surveillance & Search, Lead-in trainer for large jet transport aircraft, Versions with Air Ambulance, Optionally Piloted Aircraft (OPA) Capability etc.


Maximum Operating Mach 0.79
Range 2,250NM/ 4,167 km
2x Turbofan Engine 2,095 lbf/9.32 kN
Maximum Take-Off Weight 12,000 lb/5, 454 kg
Cabin Length 19 ft/ 5.79 m
Cabin Volume 394.8 ft3/11.183

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