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Paris-based ” Intelligence Online “, a daily publication on global intelligence has claimed that French-designed MILAN-2T, a man-portable (Infantry) second-generation ATGM has been supplied to Ukrainian Military from an unknown manufacturer with serial numbers and other details been scrapped.

The report claims that front companies might have been used to procure this weapon from countries that still manufacture them and reports hint that it might have come from India’s state-owned Bharat Dynamics Ltd which still manufactures them in India for Indian Army which has been operating it since 1981.

Portal has not provided any concrete evidence of any units that might hint that it came from India since MILAN ATGMs are still operational with nearly 40 countries and this might have come from many such countries that have provided arms to Ukraine in past or continue to do so but report hints that it might be recently manufactured units and not old stock.

MILAN-2T is a man-portable (Infantry) second-generation ATGM, to destroy Tanks fitted with Explosive Reactive Armour, moving and stationary targets up to 1.5km and Require No maintenance / No Pre-fire checks.

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