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The Punjab Government has formally submitted an application to Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla, seeking the grant of parole to NSA detainee Amritpal Singh. The request is intended to facilitate Singh’s oath-taking as the newly elected Member of Parliament (MP) for Khadoor Sahib.

Rajdev Singh Khalsa, an ex-MP and spokesperson for Amritpal Singh, announced that an application had been initially moved to the Amritsar District Magistrate (DM). Given that the case under the National Security Act (NSA) was registered in Amritsar, the DM subsequently forwarded the application to the Punjab Home Secretary, who then directed it to the Lok Sabha Speaker.

Khalsa highlighted the urgency of the matter, stating, “An elected member has 60 days to take oath. The Lok Sabha Speaker is yet to take any action on the application, as far as we know.”

Amritpal Singh, currently detained in Assam under the NSA, has not yet been able to take his parliamentary oath. On Monday morning, several rebel leaders visited the Amritsar home of the Khalistani activist to meet with his parents, expressing their support and concern.

The situation remains tense as the 60-day deadline for the oath-taking approaches, with the political and legal implications of Amritpal Singh’s detention under close scrutiny. The Lok Sabha Speaker’s decision on the parole application will be critical in determining whether Singh can fulfill his duties as an MP for Khadoor Sahib.