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A video of Indian Army Major General Prasanna Joshi has gone viral on X, showcasing the 56-year-old officer’s impressive physical fitness as he performs 25 pull-ups without a break. The video, shared by retired Lt Colonel JS Sodhi, has garnered widespread admiration and respect.

In the video, Major General Joshi, dressed in his uniform, confidently approaches a pull-ups station in a gym. With remarkable ease and precision, he completes 25 consecutive pull-ups, leaving young Army personnel present in the gym in awe and applause.

Lt Colonel JS Sodhi’s post on X encapsulated the sentiment of many who viewed the video: “Salute and respect to the physical fitness of Major General Prasanna Joshi of the Indian Army. No wonder the Indian Army has been rated as the finest fighting force in the world by the German publication Statista in October 2022. Proud of the Indian Army. Jai Hind.”

This viral moment is more than just a display of physical prowess; it highlights the exceptional standards of fitness and discipline maintained by the Indian Army. Major General Joshi’s dedication serves as an inspiration not only to the young soldiers in the gym but to all those who value physical fitness and the ethos of the armed forces.

The Indian Army’s reputation as one of the finest fighting forces in the world is built on the dedication and excellence of officers like Major General Joshi. His display of strength and endurance is a testament to the rigorous training and unwavering commitment that define the Indian Army.