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India is set to equip its Light Tank with the Man Portable Anti-Tank Guided Missile (MPATGM), developed by the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO). This strategic move aims to bolster the offensive capabilities of the light tank, which is currently under development and slated for rollout later this year. The MPATGM, a low-weight and fire-and-forget missile, will significantly enhance the tank’s offensive firepower.

The indigenously developed MPATGM features a miniaturized infrared imaging seeker and advanced avionics for precise onboard control and guidance. The missile has undergone successful test trials, proving its performance and maximum range. Earlier this year, the DRDO announced its plans to develop a lighter variant of the MPATGM, reducing its weight by 10-20 per cent to ensure it is man-portable.

Integration of the MPATGM into the light tank is part of a comprehensive effort to enhance its offensive capabilities. The tank will also be equipped with other advanced munitions to further augment its firepower. With a 105mm caliber gun and weighing between 25-30 tons, the light tank, developed by L&T in collaboration with the DRDO, is specifically designed for operations in high-altitude regions. These regions have seen the deployment of the Chinese Type 15 light tank, making the development of the Indian light tank crucial for maintaining a strong defensive posture.

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