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BrahMos Aerospace, the renowned Indo-Russian missile manufacturer, has recently confirmed the successful completion of the preliminary design phase for the next generation of BrahMos-NG missiles. Pravin Pathak, the export director of the missile producer, revealed that the shape of the BrahMos-NG missiles has been finalized, signalling that the production phase is approaching rapidly.

Pathak shared this exciting update during the International Maritime Defense Show held in St. Petersburg last week, generating significant interest and anticipation among defence enthusiasts and experts alike. The BrahMos-NG (Next Generation) missile is set to be a miniaturized version of its predecessor. Although it will offer the same range and speed capabilities as the current BrahMos missile operated by the Indian Army, it will be considerably lighter in weight.

The BrahMos-NG missile’s reduced weight will result in a more compact design, with its length decreasing from the current 9 meters to 6 meters. This downsizing makes the missile highly versatile and easier to deploy across various platforms, enhancing its agility and adaptability in diverse operational scenarios. With the completion of the preliminary design, the focus now shifts to the production phase, as the manufacturing process gears up to bring this advanced weapon system to fruition.

The BrahMos-NG missile, weighing 1.5 tonnes and measuring 6 meters in length, is expected to be ready for induction as early as next year. This timeline demonstrates the efficiency and speed at which the BrahMos Aerospace team is working to meet the demands of India’s defence forces. The BrahMos-NG’s induction will undoubtedly enhance India’s military capabilities, providing an advanced and agile missile system to address evolving security challenges effectively.

The BrahMos missile, a joint venture between India and Russia, has gained worldwide recognition for its exceptional precision and lethality. It is known for its supersonic speed and long-range capabilities, making it a formidable force multiplier for the armed forces. The development of the BrahMos-NG further solidifies the commitment of both nations to continually upgrade and innovate in the field of defence technology.

The BrahMos-NG’s miniaturized design and reduced weight offer several advantages. Its compact form enables easy integration with a wide range of platforms, including ships, submarines, aircraft, and land-based systems. This versatility empowers the Indian armed forces to deploy the missile in different operational theatres, enhancing their ability to respond swiftly and effectively to emerging threats.

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