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South Korean defense manufacturer, Poongsan, has announced a groundbreaking development in the field of artillery munitions. Poongsan has introduced an extended-range version of its 155 mm ammunition designed for the Hanwha Land Systems K9 self-propelled howitzer (SPH). With an impressive range of 60 kilometers, this new ammunition offers an extended operational reach, making it a significant advancement in artillery technology.

The key innovation in Poongsan’s 155 mm extended-range ammunition (ERM) lies in its impressive range of 60 kilometers. This remarkable achievement has been made possible by implementing a smaller TNT charge compared to the K307 munition, combined with the utilization of a potent solid-fuel propellant. This combination of reduced explosive content and enhanced propellant has resulted in a substantial increase in the projectile’s effective range.

Poongsan’s baseline projectile for the K9 howitzer, known as the KM107, weighs approximately 41.86 kilograms and has a maximum range of 18.8 kilometers when used with the powerful K677 charge. This makes the KM107 a highly capable munition for the K9 howitzer, meeting the operational requirements of many armed forces around the world. Poongsan officials confirmed that 155 mm extended-range ammunition (ERM) will be offered to existing operators of the K9 howitzer.

The development of this extended-range ammunition is particularly relevant to the Indian Army, which has procured 100 K9 Vajra self-propelled howitzers and has plans to acquire an additional 200 units in batches of 100 each. The extended-range shell for the K9 howitzer holds the promise of enhancing the artillery capabilities of the Indian Army, enabling it to address a wider range of operational scenarios effectively.

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